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Social Media in Business


Social Media in Business is for you if you are a key stake holder, decision and/or policy maker that understands a fundamental shift is taking place in how people find your business and more importantly in how your customers communicate on the Internet. We'll help you examine how social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact on business communication, practices and processes. How can these social tools be utilised, how can you employ strategies within your company to increase profitability, sustain reputation and empower your customers and employees to be brand ambassadors for your products.

Social Media in Business (or SMiB) is an agile and progressive Web 2.0 style consultancy. We'll provide you with an outstanding, exciting, far-reaching and in-depth educational experience utilising social media experts who are experts in the true sense of the word, with proven track records of social media application in a business capacity.

If you are seeking social media solutions, aiming to increase on-line presence and revenue, looking for key strategic business insights, pick up the phone and call us, we can come to you and put together a free business report!

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