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Facebook Ads

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 18 February 2010 - 5:49pm

Our sister initiative (the social media mafia) (who we sponsor), recently hosted a mediacamp in NYC and one of the presentations that went down particularly well was given by the team at It's a presentation concerning best practices around advertising on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook provides us with some incredibly tight segment opportunities that we can target, based on most things that a user supplies freely to the platform. If you've not checked out Facebook Ads yet you might want to have an experiment, they are the best "social ads" that I am aware of currently and I have heard some very good reports concerning conversions.

If you have some insights that you feel are not covered in this presentation I'd really like to hear about them, maybe you can point out a great case-study or list some stats in the comment section below. Segmentation is certainly the new black as far as advertising goes, it goes without saying that reaching just the right prospect often needs very different approaches in language and aspirations.

I thought you might enjoy having a look at that, so here you are.

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