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Social Engagement From Google

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 15 December 2010 - 1:48pm

Absolutely brilliant email in my in-box this morning from the Google AdWords team telling me that they are celebrating ten years of being in the advertising game. The email linked to a "personalised video" through a unique url, and some clever back-end processing to see our Social Media in Business name beamed on the moon!

Well kind of, in a video kind of way.

The other awesome feature of this personalised little Xmas gift is that the mini-site itself is interactive and allows us to "explore", yes explore stories of other businesses using Google AdWords. This is the brilliance for me, asking the community itself to upload and share their business success stories as a result of using Google Adwords. This form of asking the community is of course not new, but this example is done particularly well!

Everyone wins here because if a business takes part, perhaps yours, and does indeed "upload" their story this will be publicly available on Google Maps with a pin marker, a bonus for taking part.

I found myself browsing other businesses and discovered some truly great stories.

Pop along here and check out our personalised video and do indeed then "explore".

Brilliant social engagement from Google, bravo!