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Social Media Optimisation

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 12 May 2010 - 4:59pm

You’ve got blogs on Blogger and WordPress. You plan twenty tweets every evening. You make sure you post different blasts on Google to prevent redundancy. You’re trying to understand DIgg,, and contribute regularly for the backlinks. You’re steadily building a social community of loyal followers. But is it getting you the results you’re looking for?

You have to develop an approach other than throwing spaghetti at the wall. Social media optimisation is all about strategy. Selecting the right networking options that will target your customer base to help build your niche can be key to your internet presence. Start with the basics of business. What is your demographic? Then research those social networking sites that appeal to those groups. It’s simply not enough to make a page on Facebook if your potential customers aren’t Facebook literate.
Once you get the traffic to the site, give them a reason to stay. Create content that is directed at the needs or interests of your target audience that is also related to your brand. Adding interactive features such as video or polling can keep visitors coming back. This content can also be used to create backlinks which will in turn draw in new visitors and create buzz. As your content is linked into it can also affect search engine rankings. Careful planning can have a multi fold impression. It can also be useful in reputation management because you are in control of the content that is getting out on the various sites, links, etc. 
While creating your viral marketing campaign your strategy should be flexible. As you continually monitor analytics you can drop or add the various networking sites you’re using if you find they are generating little or no traffic to the site. Google analytics allows you to see where traffic is coming from in plain language to make evaluations easy. You will also be able to see if your efforts are generating unique new visitors and return visitors.
Social media optimisation should not be treated merely as the latest nerd speak. It is a vital marketing tool that can expand a company’s base beyond it’s physical location to draw from an ever changing consumer pool.
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