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TweetReach for SMiB09

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 6 November 2009 - 10:44am

Tweetreach offers a service "How far did your tweet travel?" - which is an interesting service, and provides one with a well formatted pdf output, as you can see below.

The report provided here is for our recent Social Media in Business 09 event using the hashtag (a somewhat convenient way of categorising public content on twitter) #SMiB09.

tweet reach business

Essentially TweetReach performs some number crunching to arrive at some pretty graphs, which while the term "exposure" smells of old school ad-land, I can imagine the tool being very useful for showing the CFO some bang for their buck, so to speak.

The limitation for me though, as in this above example, is that the Twitter API is limited to a mere 7 days or 1500 tweets, which in both cases is not anywhere near long enough for any serious monitoring of digital conversation. This of course is no fault of TweetReach, but it makes me think that if Twitter got serious about their platform, and their ability to capture data (as their business model), they could potentially roll-out some seriously heavy hitting analytics to give business the kind of detail that is required, essentially the LONG-TAIL...

Still, I was rather impressed with 105K people with 66 tweets for #SMiB09.

If you like to download this report to use for a case-study you can do that through this link. Download SMiB09 TweetReach.

I'd like to know your thoughts regarding this style of report, please do let me know.