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Google's Index

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 15 April 2011 - 1:38pm

google index


The important point to mention immediately here is that when a user hits "search" on the search page Google does not go and search the Internet in real-time, Instead what Google actually does is go off and search a local database which is called The Index (a locally stored version of the Internet).

Google (as are other search engine companies) is continuously sending out web crawlers, or spiders, or "Googlebots" to capture billions of web pages. These bots follow links from page to page and report this data back to Google so it can store a local copy of this information (quite an amazing feat in itself).

This data is then processed in so much that an index is created, which is a map if you like, of the Internet's web pages with information about the content and the links to it and links from it. It's like a huge categorisation machine, well an index.

So when a user hits the "search" button Google will in a fraction of a second query it's index for relevant content and display the MOST relevant content according to it's algorithm.

Naturally from a business standpoint the key for you is to get your content indexed! - If your content is not indexed it will never appear in a Google search. You have to give Google a chance to find you.

There are various ways to get indexed, with the simplest being having a link point to your web pages from an already indexed web page. Using a link from a high traffic site with lots of new content added regularly will see a quick entry into the index with an added benefit of some Google Juice.

Getting the links is the tough part, you'll need compelling content and/or friends.

What are your thoughts, had trouble getting indexed, found a rapid way to get indexed using social media? Would love to hear your thoughts.