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Social Media Gains Momentum in Marketing Budgets

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 20 September 2011 - 6:10pm

Emarketer reports today that social media marketing is on the rise within marketing budgets, particularly within small to medium enterprises (SME) where funds and staff time are often both stretched. Often in-house staff have very little digital experience, if any, and the CMOs tend to stick with what they know - even though most of the offline marketing approaches are very tricky to measure the success of.

Therefore typically small businesses will often select a few digital channels for marketing and stick with them, and in some cases without much of an idea of measurement even though digital by it's nature is perfect for measureing and garnering a return on investment.

The emarketer report indicates that a momentum is building in favour of social media marketing with 44% of US small business decision makers adopting it, which is up 10% from last year!

The big three are the most widely used social media platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in that order. The most efficient tactic according to the SMEs is wall posts on Facebook, followed by direct messages and special offers/discounts.

Interestingly however, is that :

"In contrast, 68% of consumers said they had “liked” a brand on Facebook, but only 6% of SMBs say “like”-focused marketing tactics are effective."

This is a paradox and perhaps more attention should be given to the "like" aspect of a page of Facebook, indeed many of the big brands do create interesting landing pages which are all about encticing the user to "like" the page.

I'm interested to know how SMEs are in fact measuring the success, what is their yardstick?

For me one of the great aspects of the "like" button was that is meant a page was actively creating a database of users that could be "sent an update" though apparently that service is soon to be discontinued on facebook - shame in my mind, it seemed a great way to send a call to action to a mail box - and in my experience we've had some VERY good success with that tactic, measurable through short urls.



I digress somewhat but find the report encouraging, and getting back to the point: if SME are throwing more resources to social media marketing it can only be a good thing for us all, and most importantly the customer, right?