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This thing we call social media

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Submitted by Dr Mariann Hardey on 8 July 2011 - 10:05am

This is my first blog post (one of many to come) to smib. I will not bore you with mundane introductions, suffice to say you can find out all you need to about me with a swift Google - y or turning to the pages of

Introductions out of the way, what am I doing here?  Well my background places me at the fore of this thing we call 'social media', and I was attending the (in marketing circles) renowned Academy of Marketing Conference #AMcon11 in Liverpool this week. With a tweetfall, dedicated hashtag and rooms at Liverpool's Aintree Race course full to the brim of the great and the best marketers, my expectations were set to 'high', if not 'stun'. Especially considering my track was tagged eMarketing with special emphasis given to social media.

I won't 'bore' you here with my presentations and sessions chaired as you can find all these on my seriously social pages, as what you will find more interesting is the latest marketing take on social media.

Drum roll.

After just under 90minutes worth of eMarketing debates; social media equated to Facebook. Or rather Facebook = social media. It was at this point I started to glaze over and count on one hand how many Pokes I had received that morning.  Suddenly this wasn't Aintree 2011 anymore. This was 2004 and I was about to be Friend Requested for the first time.

Dear Reader's of SMIB, am I being too brash? Facebook's unique user's are at over 700million, so perhaps it does equate to being social media - full stop.

But I'm thinking this is far too short-sighted. I can see the media side of things (soon to be flash enabled) and yes Facebook is based on 'social' activities, but [insert your comments here]...