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We have a duty to consume.

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Submitted by Dr Mariann Hardey on 16 September 2011 - 11:37am

A nice little update from the NYT this week that predicts Apple's release of the V.5 iPhone - yes two new handsets do keep up. So a quick nod by Apple to consumerism involved in the promotion of technology by the virtues of providence and accumulation of stuff.

This post is not an advert for Apple - sorry Steve - rather a shake of the head toward the values consistent with the need for consumers (especially in the tech and social media industries) to be able to spend freely. Perhaps all in the interests of avoiding economic crisis rather than any real technology development?... I'm being deliberately objectionable here, and should add that this argument need to be cautiously applied, since it can seem a rather topdown relation between consumer demand and technological change.

One way to 'use social media' productively is as a way of connecting the various attempts by business and marketing enterprises to influence individual interest and - in Steve's case - the consumer spend. There's some neat little posts on what not to do re. PR scandals and social media updates if you have not already discovered them and this one by Matt at datadiall is one my favourites - mostly for the YouTube embedding. Out of the mouths of my students, you can never have enough YouTube.

So where to leave you? Perhaps with this thought - as you try to decide between which of Apple's TWO new iPhone devices really reflects your lifestyle, sorry that addresses your 'needs - and to point out that this technology stuff, it's just a consumerist syndrome isn't it? - based on excess, speed and waste (See my favourite social theorist Zygmunt Bauman for more on this).

If this is the case, this makes social media what? the treatment of information excess and communication disorder? Surely not. But I bet there's another social media invitation in my one of my inboxes as I type...